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99c Kindle Countdown: http://getbook

99c Kindle Countdown: http://getbook Posted on May 17, 2017Leave a comment

99c Kindle Countdown: – don’t miss out on this amazing short story collection (before the price goes up again):
“Some of these tales take on a poe-esque quality, while others a more Lovecraftian tone, and then we find those that bestow upon us the moral musings of Rod Serling. Yeah, these stories are good!—Horror Novel Reviews
“I think I can safely say that this collection is one of my all-time favourites. There is such a variety of stories in here that there will definitely be something for everyone in it”.—Confessions of a Reviewer
“Not a squall, not a blizzard … It’s a pulp horror AVALANCHE! That’s Kenneth W. Cain’s new collection, Embers.”—Mort Castle, Bram Stoker Award® winner
“You’ll need some genuine embers to warm you after this, for some of these tales will chill you to the core.”—Jim Goforth, author of PLEBS and THE SLEEP
“Kenneth W. Cain’s imagination is on full display here. He will take you by the hand, lead you into the darkest places, and you’ll be thanking him every harrowing step of the way. A bright new talent in horror.”—Ben Eads, author of CRACKED SKY
“Collections such as this are the reason that, even after 45 years, I still enjoy reading horror!”—Douglas Draa, Editor of Weirdbook Magazine

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