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7/1/2017: Dateline Kearney Nebraska

7/1/2017: Dateline Kearney Nebraska Posted on July 1, 2017Leave a comment

7/1/2017: Dateline Kearney Nebraska, In the Land of the Zombies on the Road to Los Angeles, and My Show at the Fanatic Salon, on 7/7/17 at 8 pm
The world changes when you drive over the Iowa-Nebraska border. Iowa is like Illinois. Reason and insanity live side-by-side — checks and imbalances. In Nebraska you get the impression that there are very few buildings and lots of people — or I should say, former people. The zombies roam through the farmland searching for human brains to eat. They must be hungry.
Nebraska talk radio has a peculiar charm. The hosts broadcast from places like San Diego following their “How to Lie to Suckers Broadcasting Manual.”
The suckers aren’t that stupid. They want the lie. They call the shows and praise Trump saying that his attack on Mika Brzezinski is “probably true.” Their defense of the demagogue evidences that some small speck of living brain tissue that still receives blood in their skulls recognizes that Trump’s ugly claim, against the millionaire cable news star raised in an elite family of artists and diplomats and member of a sophisticated social circle in New York City, is not only cruel, gross and disgusting, but is also preposterous — an accusation so ridiculous that it is an insult to the intelligences of the exurban marks being lied to.
A woman of Brzezinski’s background would show up at a major social event, hosted by the President-Elect no less, visibly bleeding from surgery — you’d have to be an idiot to believe that. The people of Nebraska aren’t idiots — just dead inside.
I stopped at a restaurant where real live farmers eat. I received smiles without mirth, except for a couple of crazy leers that looked like preludes to my demise — rape/murder — lustful hearts on sleeves. I wasn’t flattered. I knew tonight I would be an object of conquest and tomorrow the aim would be a full-grown sheep.
The farmers ate knowingly, as if they were acquainted with the food when it was alive. These are people that know what work is, but not ambition. They know kindness but not warmth. Are these humans, or is this an ant farm? They have never had conscious lives. Their destinies have been sacrificed on an altar of obedience. Personal vision for one’s future isn’t allowed here. They live out their days with a Calvinist austerity. They get nothing now — but will rape a thousand virgins in heaven. Oh sorry —- that’s the Taliban.
I reach my hotel room in Kearney to find that the Rick Blog has been trolled by Johnny D. who informs me that Mark Levin said on the Sean Hannity show that Robert Mueller shouldn’t investigate Trump because Presidents can’t go to jail.
Oh Johnny, you had me at hello. When a President is investigated for crimes, and the Special Counsel finds what he considers to be a strong case, the Counsel refers the matter to the House of Representatives. The House, if they so choose, impeaches the President. Once the President, if politically (not legally) convicted by the Senate, is removed from office, he becomes eligible for legal criminal prosecution. This is why Ford pardoned Nixon, Johnny. I’m sure the pardon was a deal. Nixon agreed to spare the country a long process of looking at how lousy we were and removing him from office, and Ford could declare that our long national nightmare was over — and get Nixon off of a sharp criminal law hook.
Oh yeah — and of course the Special Counsel is investigating many others besides the President.
I shared none of my responses with Johnny. I simply blocked him. I knew he didn’t want discussion or debate. He wanted to torture me with his willful ignorance.
Johnny, like the people of Nebraska, would destroy the country for just a little attention. Trump tells them what they want to hear, and that’s all they need. They could ask for attention. They could trust their dreams instead of simply do as they are told. Some of them do, and they move away.
So many half-people wandering in this land of nothing. Evil masterminds won’t destroy the world. The world will die from a lack of confidence.
The Music Man changed his heart and loved Marian the Librarian in Iowa. If the story took place in Nebraska, she would know he was full of shit, let him fuck her just so she could feel something, and then commit suicide.
Copyright 2017 Richard Thomas

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