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…in the end, baggage and clothing ripped and destroyed, I am crying on the phone to Jim, without money. Jim says “OK John, I have a place for you to stay, let me set it up then I call you.” It was a homeless shelter. That is after I was severely abused all over in Denver (May June 2006). I was stuck there, not knowing what the hell happened to my life. Jim netted over 35,000 dollars from my inheritance while I was in Denver being severely abused April 2006 to end of June 2006.
I had had my primary email account taken while in March Aspen area with Jim. The in Denver my hotmail account taken. I had no way to tell anyone what was happening, and for the most part cut off from all.
The year is 2006. I am in Denver. It is late June. Since the very last days of April, I found myself afloat in Denver, with not a clue as to what to do. Jim was sending me some money into a Wells Fargo account he made me open with him (shared account), when I arrived to Aspen from China in extreme manufactured circumstances (continual abusive status to all environments).
So, Denver, I was released from an unlawful confinement that partly had as its goal getting me to take anti-psychotic medication. That did not work. It also sucked over $15,000 of my inheritance for the two week stay. That is more than the tuition for my MA program in 2001. They also used the financial officer of West Pines Behavioral and Harmony House Estes Park Colorado, to commit check fraud where $6000 dollars went to Jim. Jim at that time took an additional $30,000 from me while I was laid to waste and ravaged. I had not a clue what this was about.
d in the end of Denvere they ripped all my clothing and destroyed every zipper on my backpack and shoulder book-bag.
Jim and Jenny would have loved to suicide. They would have had maybe the majority of my money, $200,000.
I was ravaged in Denver where the source of this human rights violation began their sexual humiliation themed abuse. Also there were episodes of MDMA solicitation; gay solicitation; solicitation to get me to rent an apartment using a woman who was employed for that to sleep with me; abuse was pervasive in all places I resided: Denver International Youth Hostel; motels hotels.
There was also Heroin solicitation that appeared in Binghamton too. I can name the people that on script did that. They needed to discredit me as a drug user. It did not work. I did MDMA about 3 times in Denver.
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