Great news out of India

Great news out of India – changing economies (decrease in solar prices) and expanding consciousness.
#ClimateChangeIsReal #InThisTogether
“Experts now say that India not only has no need of any new coal-fired plants for at least a decade, given that existing plants are running below 60 percent of capacity, but that after that it could rely on renewable sources for all its additional power needs.
Rather than building coal-fired plants, it is now canceling many in the early planning stages. And this month, the government lowered its annual production target for coal to 600 million tons from 660 million….What India does matters, because it is the world’s third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, behind China and the United States. And its energy needs are staggering — nearly one-quarter of its population has no electricity and many others get it only intermittently.
With India’s power needs expected to grow substantially as its economy continues to expand, its energy use will heavily influence the world’s chances of containing the greenhouse gases that scientists believe are driving global warming.”

Building and strengthening our relationships at home and around the world

Building and strengthening our relationships at home and around the world…love this!
“The world cannot wait—and neither will we.”
“We will continue to lead. We are increasing investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency. We will buy and create more demand for electric cars and trucks. We will increase our efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions, create a clean energy economy, and stand for environmental justice. And if the President wants to break the promises made to our allies enshrined in the historic Paris Agreement, we’ll build and strengthen relationships around the world to protect the planet from devastating climate risks.”

While jogging to the Pier today

While jogging to the Pier today, I looked at it from a different perspective and wow, how beautiful it looked! And then I reflected on the many moments I keep looking at new situations and behaving the same way over and over, without thinking – because that’s how powerful habits and our unconscious are! What if I’m even more powerful and I don’t have to keep talking to people the way I keep doing, or relating to some issues the same way I always did? What if there are better ways, more exciting ways, more fulfilling ways to respond to the apparently same situations in life? I’m on a quest to find out! Making it an absolutely great day! #EnjoyingTheRideEveryDay #BeingHappyNow