Trump, I triple dog dare you to see if you’re mature enough, strong enough, wise enough, good enough, human enough to demonstrate real strength, real power and real leadership by setting an example through your words and actions that all people are important…that all people are worthy of respect and compassion. Are you like a grade school bully who lashes out because deep inside you’re really suffering and trembling in terror? This is what many of us think. The lines you continue to draw in the sand only indicate your fear. I want to believe that somewhere inside you have a heart and can feel true kindness and compassion. I want to see you act like a grown up…like a member of the human race, not like someone who thinks he’s better and more deserving than everybody else. Only when you remember that we are all on the same team and all in this together will your heart awaken and true leadership be borne within you. So let’s see what kind of courage you really have!