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1. Do not answer calls from unrecognized phone numbers
2. Do not e-mail first thing in the morning or last thing at night
3. Do not agree to meetings or calls with no clear agenda or end time
4. Do not let people ramble
5. Do not check e-mail constantly β€œbatch” & check at set times only
6. Do not over-communicate with low-profit, high-maintenance customers
7. Do not work more to fix overwhelm β€” prioritize
8. Do not carry a cellphone or Crackberry 24/7
9. Do not expect work to fill a void that non-work relationships and activities should


  1. I’m the same.. #8. I carry EVERYWHERE and when in social situations use DND and collect important messages on my AppleWatch.

  2. Hmmm….

    I’ve been doing these (or something like them) my entire life.

    I wonder if something else is missing?

  3. A phone makes telephone calls, maybe texts. A smartphone is a compact handheld Internet-connected computer.

  4. Yes. They have just phones out there. Most people don’t want them except really, really old people (and the past twenty years have pretty much wiped that out), or just burner phones.

  5. you can still buy horse-carriages too… even horseless carriages – yet most people call them cars or vehicles (some of them autonomous/safer/smart)…

  6. Okay. Not sure what your point is? Dude was just saying ‘crackberry’ is an old reference, and it is. So is ‘cellphone’. So ‘smartphone’ would be the proper current update.

  7. Maybe, but in the context of this list, and in the fact there are still many different kinds of phones (including all those with landlines), differentiating to ‘smartphone’ is the right choice of wording.

  8. I don’t know many older or rural folk sleeping with their still totally-in-use rotary phone. The distinction is worthy.

  9. It seems like an argument for no reason, which makes me stop and reflect on why I’m engaging, so I will disengage now.

  10. Just old fashioned 1960+ rotary phones. Seriously, why are you pressing this? Why is this an issue?

  11. if you insist on “naming” antique details of the 100,000 patents & components of a “typical phone” you should thus be consistent & specific (eg non-party-line, post-rotary, DTMF capable, non-operator required, “smart” phone, that happens to be wireless & mobile using 1g, 2g, 3g, 4g, LTE, perhaps 5g, WiFi, with roaming service… using Androidxx or iOSxx)

  12. “Do not carry a cellphone 24/7”, aka, “How to not get a job in production engineering, legal, engsec, etc”

  13. please define an important lingering distinction between “a phone” v. a “smart” phone (for years it is cheaper to build and buy “smart” phones worldwide than “dumb” phones)… the important new issue/concept here is “phone addiction”

  14. Reese Jones When I’m retired I’ll have time to never be available to those outside my family and friends.

    Until then, I’ll have to keep working which includes being oncall 24/7, for better or worse.

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